Another take on “free hugs” :D

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Caines Arcade – Awesome arcade made by a 9 year old

Caines Arcade – Awesome arcade made by a 9 year old

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Goodbye to the penny

Good bye to the Canadian Penny.  I think it will be a long time until they are all gone 😉

Already today someone rounded up when I purchased something and it caught me off guard 🙂

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Dice Age

Those who know me, know I have an affinity for dice….  So, I think I want this 🙂

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things that make you say hmmmm hahahaha……


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Op la joint! or Up la joint!

Dreams are funny eh.

I just had a dream where I heard an awesome tune on my way to meet up with a friend.  So, I asked my friend about the song and he took me to a convenience store where he knew someone that knew a lot about current music. When introduced to his friend I noticed when his friend talked he sounded Latin and he looked mixed black/white so Id guess was Brasilian, and I felt he knew a lot about reggae music.  When I started to try describe the tune  I was only able to able to remember 2 or 3 sentence fragments.  The guy after some thought asked me was the tune reggae or white man music?  I thought that was an odd question but I thought and I obviously had a strained look on my face like if the song had a distinct sound but I couldn’t give it a name.  Then he asked was it “Street Fighter” music….  And instantly I exclaimed “Ya, it could be!”   After I exclaimed that he said the song is called “Op  la joint!”

Instantly, I woke up from the dream so I could search for that song on the internet 🙂  Unfortunately, I instantly forgot the lyrics but I do remember the way he pronounced “Op la joint!”  could also be a way to say “Up la joint!”.   The song had a “Matrix” like beat but with lyrics.

Am I the only one?  If I could record my dreams, I’d be so creative. hmmm….   First person to make a dream recorder will be a millionaire instantly I swear….

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Super Best Friends…

Im not sure if this is animation aimed at getting girls into superhero comics or not but I think this clip was really cute.  I wonder if this will turn out to be like power puff girls.  This reminds me back when I was reading Uncanny X-Men back in the late 80’s to early 90’s I dont think I ever saw a girl reading a superhero comic or any kind of comic for that matter.   Well my comic store owner was woman, at least I think she was… I spent as little time dealing with her as possible.

In the late 90’s the X-Men animation came out and I noticed young women started to become interested at  least with the X-Men.


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This explains why the Gazebo is a monster…

to Munchkin Players:  this link is to help us understand why the Gazebo is a monster in the gaming world:

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