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Any way to recycle CDs/DVDs? or DVD spindle/Bagel container.

For a couple years now I’ve been sitting on some old data DVDs and CDs wondering if anyone would find a way to recycle them. Unfortunately, it seems like no one has. Every where I look to see if there … Continue reading

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November Village (This Hour has 22 minutes) My response.  How about global warming disbelief village in Toronto. In November you can enjoy the beautiful spring like weather. I’m in a suburb on Toronto and yesterday it was 15C!  New immigrants to this area go talk to … Continue reading

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Sesame snack bar

Check out this snack I found at a supermarket (Organic Garage) near my home. This is plain not really vanilla flavoured. It’s just a bar of pressed sesame seeds. There it’s three more flavours chocolate, marble and deluxe.  I think … Continue reading

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Op la joint! or Up la joint!

Dreams are funny eh. I just had a dream where I heard an awesome tune on my way to meet up with a friend.  So, I asked my friend about the song and he took me to a convenience store … Continue reading

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