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Any way to recycle CDs/DVDs? or DVD spindle/Bagel container.

For a couple years now I’ve been sitting on some old data DVDs and CDs wondering if anyone would find a way to recycle them. Unfortunately, it seems like no one has. Every where I look to see if there … Continue reading

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November Village (This Hour has 22 minutes) My response.  How about global warming disbelief village in Toronto. In November you can enjoy the beautiful spring like weather. I’m in a suburb on Toronto and yesterday it was 15C!  New immigrants to this area go talk to … Continue reading

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Sesame snack bar

Check out this snack I found at a supermarket (Organic Garage) near my home. This is plain not really vanilla flavoured. It’s just a bar of pressed sesame seeds. There it’s three more flavours chocolate, marble and deluxe.  I think … Continue reading

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Canada begins on its path to giving away fresh water to large corporations…   Drinking water should be dealt with very carefully not thrown away… Last time I checked everyone and every creature in the world not just Canada requires clean drinking water. Destroy these and its game over…. Give them to … Continue reading

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Almost cool wedding rings….

I like dice and these are almost cool to me….   Thus these dice might be really cool to other people.  I’d assume games will be played on the Honeymoon but I never assumed they’d include dice…. but if dice are … Continue reading

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Force of Nature – The Life of David Suzuki

Last night, I watched 30+ minutes of the movie “Force of Nature”.   This movie was all about David Suzuki. He is one of my idols and I’m going to purchase this movie. Its all about his life and how he … Continue reading

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Revision3 sold to Discovery… According to this article, Rev3 May 1st, 2012 was purchased for roughly 30 million dollars by the Discovery channel.  Also, it sounds like Discovery will keep the 50 employees.  The only way I think this purchase will benefit … Continue reading

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Mini Arcade Machines…

This one is made from a GP2X. This one is made from a GBA   Saving the best for last. This one is a little better it is awesome Its a Star Wars Micro Arcade Machine

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Get Dirty

A few weeks ago I went to a monthly free environmental movie showing at a near by theatre and saw a movie called “Dirt”   It was really interesting to learn how dirt is made and how thin a layer … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle Discovery final flight…

The end of an era. I remember when I was in grade school or high school and class was stopped to watch the shuttle to be launched. While in Korea, I even stopped teaching few university students to watch a … Continue reading

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