Force of Nature – The Life of David Suzuki

Last night, I watched 30+ minutes of the movie “Force of Nature”.   This movie was all about David Suzuki.

He is one of my idols and I’m going to purchase this movie.

Its all about his life and how he developed into one of the most important Canadians trying to make this world a better place.  Maybe after I get the DVD, Ill do a little write up.  For those who know me personally I don’t write much but I truly feel this deserves all the publicity in the world.

Even though I only watched a short amount of this movie Im so tempted to pack up and move downtown and see if I can get big things happening.  I’m even tempted to contact ministers of various departments and ask them why certain things arent happening in this country…..

David Suzuki is very inspirational.  I really hope another person like him can carry his legacy or better yet many people can.

Anyways, enough of my babbling.   Please please go to this page and check out some of the previews.

If you like what you see go to this link to rent or purchase the movie from Amazon.
or you can buy it from Chapters from this link.

Force  of Nature - The Story of David Suzuki
Force of Nature – The Story of David Suzuki
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