Revision3 sold to Discovery…

According to this article, Rev3 May 1st, 2012 was purchased for roughly 30 million dollars by the Discovery channel.  Also, it sounds like Discovery will keep the 50 employees.  The only way I think this purchase will benefit discovery is if they are going to start new tech shows.  I really hope they continue to broadcast their shows on the web.  In my opinion I think they will keep the major tech shows and drop a lot of the amateurish shows.  I think its going to damage what made rev3 so great.  It was always trying new shows but I will watch and see what happens.

Rev3 was one of the reasons I dont really need cable.
It will be nice to see real tech shows on tv again but will there be enough profit for tv producers to stay interested.

I’m not going to jump ship hastily.  Ive invest many years in watching this channel and will see what happens from here.

Good luck Rev3

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