Any way to recycle CDs/DVDs? or DVD spindle/Bagel container.

For a couple years now I’ve been sitting on some old data DVDs and CDs wondering if anyone would find a way to recycle them. Unfortunately, it seems like no one has. Every where I look to see if there is a way always has a list of how to recycle other things but when it comes down to these disks of plastic it seems the best thing to do with them is make them in cup coasters (other ideas is to give them to other people if possible, or cut them up and make decorative flowers.)   The funny thing is the best way it seems to reuse the spindle cases they come in is to use it as bagel containerbagel-in-a-cd-case

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November Village (This Hour has 22 minutes)

My response. 

How about global warming disbelief village in Toronto. In November you can enjoy the beautiful spring like weather.

I’m in a suburb on Toronto and yesterday it was 15C!  New immigrants to this area go talk to an elder that lived in this country about past years weather 🙂

I’ve always liked the show the political satire show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”.  If your in Canada you can watch full episodes at  Also if you like this kind of humour check they do put clips on facebook at

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Sesame snack bar

Check out this snack I found at a supermarket (Organic Garage) near my home.

This is plain not really vanilla flavoured.
It’s just a bar of pressed sesame seeds.

There it’s three more flavours chocolate, marble and deluxe.  I think these have a chocolate coating.

In Korea I’ve tried chocolate covered sesame seeds.

These were nice.  I’d say the chocolate was slightly better.

Maybe next weekend I’ll downtown (Toronto) and pick up some chocoloate covered seeds at a Korean supermarket 🙂

Halvah bar

Halvah bar with a bite out of it

Ingredient list for halvah bar

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Canada begins on its path to giving away fresh water to large corporations…


Drinking water should be dealt with very carefully not thrown away… Last time I checked everyone and every creature in the world not just Canada requires clean drinking water. Destroy these and its game over…. Give them to corporations and it gives away our most basic necessity of life.

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Almost cool wedding rings….

I like dice and these are almost cool to me….   Thus these dice might be really cool to other people.  I’d assume games will be played on the Honeymoon but I never assumed they’d include dice…. but if dice are needed these are perfect 🙂

rings made of nuts


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Force of Nature – The Life of David Suzuki

Last night, I watched 30+ minutes of the movie “Force of Nature”.   This movie was all about David Suzuki.

He is one of my idols and I’m going to purchase this movie.

Its all about his life and how he developed into one of the most important Canadians trying to make this world a better place.  Maybe after I get the DVD, Ill do a little write up.  For those who know me personally I don’t write much but I truly feel this deserves all the publicity in the world.

Even though I only watched a short amount of this movie Im so tempted to pack up and move downtown and see if I can get big things happening.  I’m even tempted to contact ministers of various departments and ask them why certain things arent happening in this country…..

David Suzuki is very inspirational.  I really hope another person like him can carry his legacy or better yet many people can.

Anyways, enough of my babbling.   Please please go to this page and check out some of the previews.

If you like what you see go to this link to rent or purchase the movie from Amazon.
or you can buy it from Chapters from this link.

Force  of Nature - The Story of David Suzuki
Force of Nature – The Story of David Suzuki
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Revision3 sold to Discovery…

According to this article, Rev3 May 1st, 2012 was purchased for roughly 30 million dollars by the Discovery channel.  Also, it sounds like Discovery will keep the 50 employees.  The only way I think this purchase will benefit discovery is if they are going to start new tech shows.  I really hope they continue to broadcast their shows on the web.  In my opinion I think they will keep the major tech shows and drop a lot of the amateurish shows.  I think its going to damage what made rev3 so great.  It was always trying new shows but I will watch and see what happens.

Rev3 was one of the reasons I dont really need cable.
It will be nice to see real tech shows on tv again but will there be enough profit for tv producers to stay interested.

I’m not going to jump ship hastily.  Ive invest many years in watching this channel and will see what happens from here.

Good luck Rev3

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Mini Arcade Machines…

This one is made from a GP2X.

This one is made from a GBA


Saving the best for last.
This one is a little better it is awesome
Its a Star Wars Micro Arcade Machine

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Get Dirty

A few weeks ago I went to a monthly free environmental movie showing at a near by theatre and saw a movie called “Dirt”   It was really interesting to learn how dirt is made and how thin a layer of dirt on this Earth is useful for crops.   In the movie it showed some machines harvesting trees and other vegetation, some of the machines were HUGE!  It makes me wonder can we develop machines on the same scale to manufacture soil.   Can we do it with natural energies?   We really need to put food security as a number one priority for all people.  We cant do anything until we do that.  I’m a big advocate for lower global population even for Canada but we can’t do this until we have food security.

Check out “Dirt

definition of food security according to wikipedia “Food security refers to the availability of food and one’s access to it. A household is considered food-secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation.”

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Space Shuttle Discovery final flight…


The end of an era.
I remember when I was in grade school or high school and class was stopped to watch the shuttle to be launched.
While in Korea, I even stopped teaching few university students to watch a Russian/Korean rocket be launched.
The students thought it was odd that class would be stopped for such an event.  For me it was fascinating watching another country involvement in a space program 🙂

Below is a link explaining Canada’s involvement with NASA.
I think what most Canadians think of when they think of NASA is the Canadarm.

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